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At Oak Crest , we share a statement with our clients many times at our first meeting: “you drive the car”. You determine your destination. It is our responsibility to provide you guidance to pursue your destination.

This statement is designed to put our clients at ease and let them know they remain in control of the process and conversations. It is also designed to identify each party´s role in the development of the financial plan. Our role is one of counsel and confirmation. That is why at Oak Crest we use the following five C´s to keep us focused on you:

Comprehension. Our job is to understand your financial goals and dreams by assisting you in the exploration of those goals and dreams.

Clarification. This is an on-going need in the financial planning process. Communication is critical both in the plan development and in the monitoring of the plan over time. We seek to clarify so we have a proper and firm understanding of changes which have occurred to your goals or life situation, including what you want to happen and where you want to go.

Customization. We have assisted hundreds of clients in this planning process and no two clients are the same. One size does not fit all. Your personal circumstances dictate your plan. We customize flexible solutions to your specific needs.

Communication. We want to share with you on a regularly scheduled basis according to your needs. You deserve to know where your finances and plan stand at any given time.

Confidentiality. Your life, your plans, and your dreams are all conveyed to us with trust and confidence. It is our responsibility not to violate this sacred trust and to treat all details, whether data or conversations, with privacy.

We are passionate about developing long-term client relationships. You are encouraged to evaluate us as we serve you. As a client, you should feel confident with your advisor. We want you to have the assurance that we will serve as your advocate.

Oak Crest Wealth Management...focused on you.